Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eight Belles and PETA

Eight Belles was euthanized on the Churchill Downs race track on May third after she beat eighteen of the best thoroughbred colts in the country in the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby.
Eight Belles' courage, heart and talent brought tears to my eyes. She personified all that has been bred into the thoroughbred horse for centuries. Eight Belles was not abused, she was doing what she had been born to do from the moment of her conception. Eight Belles had the best of the best in the world of a thoroughbred race horse or any horse for that matter. Eight Belles was fortunate. Eight Belles had a top trainer, top riders and a top jockey all doing their job to the best of their abilities. The jockey did nothing wrong, he did his job.
I have lived my life with horses, from ponies, to Arabs, and many in between. I have seen much in the way of abuse and neglect much of this could be deserving of attention from PETA. Arabs addicted to cocaine, jumpers hit with poles, reiners and cutters with navicular by three, Common horses hit kicked and whipped, Gaited horses sored and weighted, and skeletal equines near death from starvation.
Much of the above stated is purposeful and mean--some a quick means to a financial end. I have rescued well over a hundred down and out horses, most of them thoroughbreds used up at the small tracks of our country. Many of these horses never had enough of anything, dozens break down on the tracks. So PETA please put your efforts in perspective-help those who truly need an ally. Eight Belles was truly a fortunate one-there are thousands of horses in all areas of equine sport and existence who could truly use an ally.

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